Sunday, April 17, 2011

African flower

Have fallen in love with crochet! and made this pinterest site where I can collect all the pretty things I see online! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!

Right now I´m starting a crocheted baby throw.

Its as easy as 1, 2, 3 :) here is a how to crochet this flower. This blogger is also amazing, and fun to read. I started by changing the flower from a six leaf flower to a eight leaf flower like I saw on pinterest and then I did the square around it so I can make an even throw/blanket. I don´t like when the doilies make an uneven edge.

The yarn I´m using I bought from pickles its extra fine merino and its gorgeous, so soft and snugly. The only thing is that the extra white one I chose is so treated to make it white that it´s a little bit dryer than the others. I hope that it will be better after I wash it with balsam :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

I´ve been crocheting alot lately.
No knitting, the skirt waits and waits for me. But in stead I´m crocheting handwarmers with single crochet and then diagonal shell stitch. The thing is though, that the stitch is called that in my book crochet inspiration by sasha kagan. But when I googled the stitch a totally different stitch appears. the crazy stitch
These are the handwarmers
But then... the thing is I didn´t really do it by the pattern :) I changed it :D

So what I did is extra 3 chain stitches in the end of every row and that made it look more summery and not as closed. more open..

So happy! now I just have to finish it.

The other thing I´m going to do is undecided, its cotton and lots of pearls different colors and sizes.

Friday, April 1, 2011


I have been in a litle lull with my knitting. Knitting the skirt has become boring and I´ve looked at it a lot of times for the past week. Now I´ve been looking at a lot og crochet. Crochetet flowers, and crochetet summer wear. This is a a neckles I did a few weeks ago. very easy crockodile crochet

I really havent knitted that much juring tha summers. I just don’t, the heat and the sun lead to me thinking knitting is to warm. So now I´ve been looking towards crochet. Crocheted summer wear and jewlery. Something that isn´t to hot and is not to heavy! And that’s what I´ve been looking at online for the past week or so.
I found this beautyfull dress on ravelry. The lotus smock
There I also found this midnight lace dress which looks gorgeous too. Now I just have to get the yarn for it :P because all the yarn I have is for warm winterknits.

Then there is this jewlery thing. I´ve bought silver thread, and glitter thread. Lots of different wool threads and I have a litle bit of cotton left from other projects. The thing is, I really feel like crocheting jewlery from silver wire and so I bought that too and some pearls. Now I just have to find some time to do all this.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Found an amazing site, the UK handknitting association, Have been studying it, so many beautiful things to look at there. This dress for example, its so gorgeous that I really want to knit it!
These past weeks I´ve been knitting allot, I have the Startitis so to speak. I´ve cast on a garter stitch skirt, socks from the toes up, and I still have a yoked lopi sweater, which has been taking for ever. The socks from the toes up were cast on with the Judy´s magic cast on it was a bit difficult in the beginning but as I kept on going it got easier.

But , but, nothing to do there, other than knit knit away! and keep on with my long list on Ravelry. There are just to many great patterns in the world.