Friday, April 1, 2011


I have been in a litle lull with my knitting. Knitting the skirt has become boring and I´ve looked at it a lot of times for the past week. Now I´ve been looking at a lot og crochet. Crochetet flowers, and crochetet summer wear. This is a a neckles I did a few weeks ago. very easy crockodile crochet

I really havent knitted that much juring tha summers. I just don’t, the heat and the sun lead to me thinking knitting is to warm. So now I´ve been looking towards crochet. Crocheted summer wear and jewlery. Something that isn´t to hot and is not to heavy! And that’s what I´ve been looking at online for the past week or so.
I found this beautyfull dress on ravelry. The lotus smock
There I also found this midnight lace dress which looks gorgeous too. Now I just have to get the yarn for it :P because all the yarn I have is for warm winterknits.

Then there is this jewlery thing. I´ve bought silver thread, and glitter thread. Lots of different wool threads and I have a litle bit of cotton left from other projects. The thing is, I really feel like crocheting jewlery from silver wire and so I bought that too and some pearls. Now I just have to find some time to do all this.

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