Friday, April 8, 2011

I´ve been crocheting alot lately.
No knitting, the skirt waits and waits for me. But in stead I´m crocheting handwarmers with single crochet and then diagonal shell stitch. The thing is though, that the stitch is called that in my book crochet inspiration by sasha kagan. But when I googled the stitch a totally different stitch appears. the crazy stitch
These are the handwarmers
But then... the thing is I didn´t really do it by the pattern :) I changed it :D

So what I did is extra 3 chain stitches in the end of every row and that made it look more summery and not as closed. more open..

So happy! now I just have to finish it.

The other thing I´m going to do is undecided, its cotton and lots of pearls different colors and sizes.

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